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domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012

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Aur coeur des Stylos de collection (Hachette colections)

Collectible  Fountain Pens  (Glen Bowen)
Collectible Starts (Montblanc writing instruments from 1946-1979) (Jens Rösler-Stefan Wallrafen)
Collecting Fountain Pens – A primer and lots of others (Joel Hamilton and Sherrell Tyree)
Collecting Fountain Pens (Judson Bell)
Conservation of plastics (John Morgan)
Diario de Montblanc y guía del coleccionista (Jens Rösler)
Drills Taps and Dies (Tubal CAin)
Estilográficas de colección (Antonio Sánchez Castro)
Eversharp Service Manual
Fountain Pens (Peter Twydle)
Fountain pens (United States of America and United Kingdom) (Andreas Lambrou)
Fountain pens and pencils (Fischler y Schneider)
Fountain Pens History and Design (Editec by Georgio Dragoni and Giuseppe Fichera)
Fountain pens of the world (Andreas Lambrou)
Fountain pens past and present (Paul Erano)
Fountain pens. The complete guide to reapair&restoration (Frank Dubiel)
Inadequacies of writing instrument design and manufacture (G Roe)
India Rubber and gutta percha in the civil war era (Mike Woshner)
Ink Reservoir Writing Instruments 1905-2005 (G Roe et al)
La Estilográfica (Enrico Castruccio)
Mabie Todd (David Moak)
Namiki – The Art of Japanese Lacquer Pens (Julia Hutt and Stephen Overbury)
Neptune (Stephen Hull and Mike Bryan)
Official PFC Pen Guide (Cliff Lawrence)
Omas (Emilio Dolcini)
Onoto pen (history & repair) (P Crook, S Hull, J Marshall, L Oldfield)
Parker 51 (David and Mark Shepherd)
Parker 51 service manual
Parker Duofold (David Shepherd-Dan Zazove)
Parker manual for UK pen mechanics
Parker service manual
Parker service manual (Duofold, Challinger, Vacumatic, 51, 21)
Parker Vacumatic (Geofrey Parker-David Shepherd-Dan Zazove)
Pelikan Schreibgeräte (Jürgen Dittmer-Martin Lehmann)
Pen repair (Jim Marshall-Laurence Oldfield)
Pens and pencils (Regina Martini)
Plumas estilográficas (Jonathan Steinberg)
Screw Cutting in the Lathe (Martin Cleve)
Sheaffer repair manual
Sheaffer’s service manual 1962
Sheaffers – Vac-Fil and Touchdown (Fr. Terry Koch)
Stylos d’Hier et d’Aujourd’hui (Andreas Lambrou)
The Amateur’s Lathe (Lawrence Sparey)
The Chronicle of the Fountain Pen (Joao Pavao Martins, Luiz Leite, Antonio Gagean)
The Complete Metalsmith (Tim McCreight)
The Fountain Pen – a Collectors Companion (Alexander Crum Ewing)
The fountain pens in the World (Hirosi Nakazono-Katsuo Meikyo) (libro en japonés)
The Fountain pens of Esterbrook (Paul Hoban)
The four seasons of Namiki (Christophe LarQuemin)
The ilustrated guide to Antique writing instruments (Stuart Schneider-George Fischler)
The Incredible Ball Point Pen (Henry Gostony and Stuart Schneider)
The List (Bernard Bernolet)
The Parker Ballpoint Pen (L. Grahan Hogg)
The Tibaldi Fountain Pens (Enrico Bettazzi and Letizia Jacopini)
The Wahl service manual for Eversharp and Wahl pen
Waterman repair manual
Waterman’s (Max Davis & Gary Lehrer)
Writing Instruments (G Roe)